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An alum of Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck and Alvin Leung's Bo Innovation, Filipino chef Jordy Navarra created Toyo Eatery to add creative quirk to his homeland's traditional cuisine.

Toyo Logo grey bg.png

Toyo is the Tagalog word for Soy sauce, which features in many Filipino dishes. It is also a colloquial term for "Lunacy" - a quality reflected by Toyo's twist to local favorites. The logo mirrors this trait, literally twisting its elements to form a balanced whole.

Toyo Eatery Jordy Navarra.jpg

The restaurant's founders have publicly described the logo as capturing "everything we envisioned for Toyo and more." Used in the storefront, merchandise and communication, the logo is also worn as a tattoo by chef Jordy Navarra and members of his team.