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For good brands and shoppers

provenance is a platform helping brands connect with conscious shoppers. The software-as-a-service uses blockchain technology to track the provenance of materials and ingredients, proving their authenticity and sustainability.

Lamb Joint Tracking Journey.png

Brand Relaunch

After completing a successful pilot tracking sustainability claims through global supply chains, Provenance updated its branding to better communicate with producers and retailers looking to be more transparent.

Provenance icon scaling.png

Multi-channel approach

The Provenance logo has been carefully re-crafted to work consistently across a wide range of physical and digital media.


Making Technology Friendly

A combination of photographic and infographic elements make even the most complex concepts easier for both brands and shoppers to grasp.

Provenance product tracking.png

Unifying digital and physical

Typography, illustration and UI elements are kept consistent between online and in-store communication, to create a seamless experience between brands their customers.


Brand relaunch developed with Jessi baker, Luke Harvey, Rosa Koolhoven and Kirsty Oliphant.