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A year ago, Miniguide's Michael Mueller gave me the wonderful opportunity of writing for one of the few English-language culture mags in Barcelona. Prior to this, I had written for advertising, marketing and my own blog, but writing for a magazine proved a new experience altogether. In the past 12 months I've covered art events including Wolfgang Laib at Blueproject, Javier Pérez at La Taché, Jean-François Rauzier at Villa del Arte, and Josep Tapiró at the Museu Nacional, dining concepts Sopars amb Estrelles, ArtTe and The Parmentiers, as well as other topics in design, beauty, wellness and innovation. October featured my cover story on Yök Casa + Cultura, and their aim of attracting more responsible tourism in Barcelona.

Writing for Miniguide has helped me grow more curious, more social, and has even forced me to further my languages; press kits and events all come in Spanish or Catalan. Best of all, writing for Miniguide has helped me get to know Barcelona even better than I would have on my own. Culture is endless in this city, however mini.

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