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Welcome! ¡Bienvenido! Maligayang Pagdating!

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Allow me to greet you with gusto (in my first, second, and intermediate third languages) upon your arrival at this new site, which I have mulled over doing for some time now. On this, my birthday month, I've finally come around to completing it, finding that it contains very little of what I'd so restlessly mulled. The elements just seemed to come together -and come to life- all on their own.

I originally pictured something sleeker and chicer for this site, to mirror the sleek, chic online persona I had envisioned for myself. Didn't happen.

And so here we are! Vectors left and right, colors in primary and fluoro. Seeing my favorite works laid out all together for the first time allowed me to observe threads I hadn't previously noticed, as well as styles and influences I didn't realize were there. I guess you can't really force a style. It forms itself and you can't affect it. It affects you.

But style, too, can evolve and I treat this space as a starting point for seeing where this visual journey might lead. It is my honor to share this journey with you.

Lady San Pedro
The lady behind this website!

P.S. That's Kitty Bang Bang mulling along with me, against a view from my bedside.